Cookies are very small files which are recorded on your computer by some websites. They are generally used as a means of remembering things about you when you revisit a web page. This can often be such data as user name and password for a site, thus enabling you to revisit a web site without having to provide those details on each separate visit.

Cookies were not used during the early life of Quaffers' Offers. They were introduced on 29/05/04 to help with analysis of how the search facility is being used. No personal information of any kind is recorded, in fact nothing that can identify you, your computer, your location, or the contents of your system.

Only two pieces of information are recorded - a unique random number and a count. This is simply used to tell us how many searches have been carried out by each totally anonymous visitor. If you want to know what information is recorded on your PC just click on the picture above and the information will be shown in a pop-up window!

We use Google's Analytics service to gather anonymous traffic statistics when you visit our website. Google use several cookies for this purpose. No personal information about you is stored, apart from the IP address that you are using.

Please read this article on how how Google uses cookies for Google Analytics.

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