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There may be some of you who think that a tasting of 7 cream liqueurs would be a fabulous experience. When the panel arrived to taste these rich, creamy and certainly seasonal concoctions they had sparkling eyes and couldn't wait to get started. By the end, our eyes were rather bulging and we weren't smacking our lips quite so much.

They were made from a variety of ingredients, some mentioned the word Whiskey and some just included spirit.

We liked two better than the others. One of these was Bailey's and part of our enjoyment may have been recognition. However, the runaway winner, if you take price into account, was Aldi's Vanilla and Chocolate Flavour Irish Cream, which is only £3.59 for a 50cl bottle. It had a lovely chocolate smell and tasted rather like chocolate ice cream but with an alcohol kick. It was creamy, so more like milk chocolate than plain. I didn't serve them with ice but I imagine that would be delicious.

Lorraine thought the Bailey's smelt of rum and raisin ice cream. In the mouth it was quite spirity at 17%, which was the strongest, and tasted of coffee. It reminded me of those chocolate and coconut snowballs. The aftertaste was good. Bailey's is so extraordinarily popular around Christmas that every shop seems to have a deal on. Somerfield will be reducing it, nearer to Christmas, from £11.99 for the 70cl bottle. Thresher's normal price is £12.49, but it will be £10.49 until 3rd January. In Asda, the normal price is £10.97 anyway. At the Co-op it's being reduced from £12.49 to £9.99 until 1st January. In Waitrose the litre bottle will be reduced from £16.99 to £10.99, which seems a very good deal.

Our third favourite was Tesco's Irish Cream Liqueur, which is £5.78 for 70cl. It smelt of whiskey primarily, and chocolate. Quite a few of them didn't smell of whiskey at all. I thought it tasted of marshmallow and Nikki favoured tiramisu, which we all nodded at.

Bally Castle Classic Irish Cream from Aldi smelt of cheap Christmas tree decoration chocolate. The feel in the mouth was that you had a mouthful of double cream. Amarula Cream is from South Africa and was very different, since the flavour was fruit based. We thought it tasted of very over ripe pineapple.

Bloom Mountain from Waitrose smelt a little sour. Nikki, who has quite a sweet tooth thought it would be nice poured on ice cream. I found it a little gaggingly rich.

Aldi's Christmas Spice Flavour Irish Cream lost marks with the panel because they were expecting the Christmas Spice to be more along the lines of mulled wine than pilau rice. I loved the smell of cloves, turmeric and cardamom, and have reserved the bottle for myself, but this was mainly because nobody else wanted it.


Vanilla & Chocolate Flavour Irish Cream - Aldi - £3.59 for 50cl
Bailey's The Original - widely available at various prices
Irish Cream Liqueur - Tesco - £5.78 for 70cl

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